Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eleanor Dickinson Once of Knoxville,Tennessee From San Francisco Since 1952

The above is the book for the show REVIVAL at the Corcoran Gallery Of Art in Washington D.C in 1970 by Eleanor Dickinson. A beautiful book of line drawings of evangelicals at their worship services. The show at the Corcoran also included audio tapes and music such as "I'll Fly Away" and "Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad". And "The Great Speckled Bird".

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Those drawings were obviously done earlier and not part of the show REVIVAL.
That is the way Eleanor Dickinson looked in 1967.

I met her in 1969 when she came to Washington, D.C. to do her show REVIVAL for Walter Hopps at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Below is a link to a good interview with Eleanor. You can also see more about her by clicking on the link to the home page.
Click on the link below Introducing Eleanor Dickinson.

Eleanor Dickinson is the woman mentioned in the posts below about Elkmont,Tennessee and the rustic cabins there which she saved from destruction. See posts below.
Eleanor's family owned one of the cabins. It was called the Creekmore cabin and is marked #6 on the maps. Creekmore was Eleanor's family name in Knoxville,Tenn.