Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Eyes Of Willie McGee by Alex Heard

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Click on the link at the bottom to go to the page about this book. You have to do that to use the look inside feature shown above. And also to enlarge the photo seen above.
I just finished reading this book. A really good book full of little known history.
Click below to read about the book and be sure and read the comments at the bottom of the page. The readers'comments are excellent.
Here is some additonal information. Including a tape of the live broadcast from Laurel to a Hattiesburg radio station of the execution. This was in 1951.
I still say the best thing is to read the book to get the full picture. Alex Heard is a great writer and a great investigative reporter.
Below is a link to the author's website. Click on it to see photos concerning the case and much more information.

Below is a link to the Greenwood Commonwealth newspaper on line and their story about this book. Also you can see a video there of Alex Heard reading from his book at Turnrow books in Greenwood. He is reading a section from the book about William Faulkner.