Monday, September 20, 2010

Bruce Nauman 1969 to 2009

Click on the video to enlarge it and go to youtube where you can see it full screen.
Note: Bruce Nauman is the guy in blue jeans. This is one of the very few videos on youtube where you can see the artist himself. Note also he does not even speak here even when given a chance. I really like artists that let their work speak for them.

In the post below I wrote a little bit about meeting Bruce Nauman in July of 1969. He was living in Walter Hopps' house in Pasadena at that time.
Bruce was kind enough to offer me a glass of Jack Daniels Black label whiskey.
I remember being very exhausted after driving a truck all the way across the country to Los Angeles to return an art exhibit for Walter Hopps who was the Director of The Corcoran Gallery Dupont Center at that time. His Assistant Nina Osnos had given me the job.

There are many videos on youtube about the works of Bruce Nauman. Here is a link to a page of them.