Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nina Osnos And Nina Felshin 1969 Corcoran Gallery Of Art

That is Nina Felshin in the photo above. Felshin is her maiden name.
She was Nina Osnos at one time. Click on these pictures to enlarge them.

The above is a card Nina Osnos gave me back in 1969. She was working for Walter Hopps and The Corcoran Gallery Of Art at that time. She is mentioned in my posts below. She was working for Walter at the Corcoran Gallery Dupont Center in 1969. She asked me, "Do you know how to drive a truck?" I replied,"Yes". That was not exactly true but since it turned out to be a 12 foot UHaul Truck I could manage that. She is the person who along with Walter Hopps gave me the job to go to Chattanooga and pick up an art show and drive it cross country to Los Angeles and return it to the artist. I write about this in my post below about Tiger Joe Marsh and Bruce Nauman and Noah Purifoy.
Hello Nina wherever you are. Joe B.
Here are links to what she has done recently.