Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Suicide At The International Inn Washington D.C. More True Hotel Detective Stories

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This is another of my true Hotel Detective stories. Scroll down to look for more I have posted in the last month.

We had one suicide that I know of while I was working at the International Inn in Washington D.C. as a Hotel Detective. I am not sure of the exact date or even the exact year but it was sometime in the 1980s when deaths by AIDS were rising steadily in the U.S.A. and Washington D.C.

I remember it happened on a weekend. Sunday afternoon I believe. The body was discovered with a bible on the man's chest and a bullet hole through the bible. The man had AIDS. He had checked into the hotel on Sunday and had committed suicide by placing the bible over his chest and then shooting himself through the bible.

I was told about it when I came to work on Monday morning.

Where There Is Smoke There Is A Fire

And here is a short one about a call for a fire in one of the hotel rooms. I went up to the room with the Director of Security. There we found a woman who told us her little boy had set fire to the bed in the hotel room. He had gotten some matches and crawled under the bed and set it on fire.

We started to make out a report form. We asked what their address was. She responded, "We don't have a house he burned it down".

At that point the Director of Security told her "We can't have that. You have to check out of the hotel right away".

End of story. Case closed.
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