Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FRANTIC and PRICELESS Two Good Movies About Hotels....And The Music From Those Movies

The video above is the trailer for the movie PRICELESS. It is one of the best movies about hotels I have ever seen. It is also a comedy and fantasy about what could happen to an ordinary hotel worker.
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This is a wonderful movie. I had to really think to remember where I had heard this song. SORT ME OUT.

FRANTIC is one of the best movies I have ever seen about how hotels really operate.

One of the best(if not the best)movie about hotels is the movie GRAND HOTEL.
I think I got the idea of wanting to work in a hotel from watching the movie GRAND HOTEL and also from watching the movie HOTEL which was based on the book HOTEL by Arthur Hailey.
An interesting fact is the the hotel that Hailey's book was based on was the old Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans. Hailey lived there and did some of his research there.
The Fairmont in New Orleans has the same architecture as The Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. You can enter the lobby from one street and walk all the way through the lobby and come out on another street.

Hotels have a lot to hide someone once said. The lobby and meeting rooms and restaurants and guest rooms are what the public sees but backstage in the kitchens and the basements is another world. It is very much like a large cruise ship or ocean liner. Read Eugene O'Niell's THE HAIRY APE play for a good look at a large ocean liner and how it is in the boiler room and in the engine rooms far below first class.

More music from FRANTIC. This is Grace Jones singing. In the movie Michelle has a Grace Jones poster on the wall in her apartment.
This is the dance scene in the club called Touch Of Class.
Roman Polanski directed FRANTIC and the female lead actress is his wife in real life.

And here if you have the time you can watch the full movie of PRICELESS via YouTube. This is part one. All the rest of it with English subtitles in also on Youtube. Click to enlarge and go to Youtube to find the other parts.

I have just found all of FRANTIC on YouTube.
Click on the video below and double click to go to YouTube where you will find all of FRANTIC, This is part one.