Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etta James - Strange Things Happening (1960)

Well I finally found this song and her version of it on Youtube.

This is the song that William Eggleston blasted into my ears over the phone late one night in 1971. Click on the label William Eggleston in the Labels box below to read all about it. Walter Hopps had called me around midnight from Memphis. We were living in Mobile at that time. Walter wanted Eggleston to meet me over the phone. Walter and William Eggleston were both feeling the effects of alcohol. A lot of alcohol.
The first thing Eggleston said was, "Listen to this M-F".
I listened to some loud singing coming over the phone.

Then Eggleston said , "Do you know who is singing this song M-F?"   He repeated that over and over. I thought maybe it was Ruth Brown or Sister Rosetta Tharpe. But it was Etta James. Also known as Peaches and Miss Peaches.
  Indeed in 1971 many strange things were happening every day. And they still are.