Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WWVA Wheeling West Virginia Capitol Theater And Dave Dudley and Buck Owens At The Trucker's Expo Outside Of Wheeling

Back in the 1970s I went with my friend Bill Garrison over to Wheeling West Virginia to see the Trucker's Expo and the music at the Capitol Theater in Wheeling.
   Bill was going to write it up for Rolling Stone magazine.
So we were able to attend the Buck Owens news conference. Buck flew in and out on a private plane.
   He did a great show at the fairgrounds near Wheeling. Susan Raye was his featured singer at the time.
When Bill and I went to the nighttime music show at the Capitol Theater Dave Dudley was the featured singer. He arrived in a long white cadillac with a good looking blond lady at his side. Dave was hobbling around because he had just recently hurt his foot.
He was friendly to us as Bill interviewed him in his dressing room beneath the theater. Dave told us he had been a professional baseball player before he became a DJ and then later a singer and musician.

I remember the trucker's EXPO was outside of town across the river in Ohio. There were not only large rigs on display but companies like Detroit Diesel Allison were showing off their motors.

Dave Dudley had made a promotional 45rpm record for Detroit Diesel Allison singing about what a great motor it was and how it would get you over the steep mountains near Wheeling.
They were giving away free copies of the 45. I got one but sadly let someone buy it years ago. I wish I still had that 45.  It was really good.

Wheeling West Virginia is where Marsh Wheeling cigars are made. Marsh Wheeling cigars are what Mark Twain smoked. A good 5 cent cigar. Or at least that is what I was told or read somewhere. I am sure later in life he discovered the better more expensive kind of cigars.