Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sanibel Island January 10 to January 17 2012

What have we been doing on our trip to Sanibel island this year?
First we rented a car at the Ft.Myers airport and drove to Publix grocery store and bought some fried chicken and a key lime pie and some other groceries and headed straight over to the island.

Checking in to our hotel Rachel discovered she had lost her credit card most likely at the grocery store. We got the toll free number and she called and had it cancelled and that took care of that problema. No problema as they say in Spanish.

Then I took a bath and then headed straight to the swimming pool.
Perfect 80 degree weather. Jan. 10th high temp in the contiguous United States was right here on Sanibel and the surrounding area.

  For our dinner we do what we usually do we headed to Schanappers Hots for a grouper basket. Good fish and french fries and cold slaw.

Wednesday morning was the best day so far. A storm was coming in and we went to the beach in a high wind and the palm fronds were beating against each other and falling from the palm trees.

At the beach we saw the sunrise at 720 am.  And watched high surf and the tide coming in. I turned around and much to my surprise we saw a full rainbow all the way across the sky and the island.

We went to the library as usual to use the computers.

Swam in the pool for an hour yesterday. 80 degrees on Sanibel Island. Perfect weather.
Beach was crowded and colorful.
Snow storm hitting the Midwest and New England.
Sanibel reminds me of the TV show LOST. Hawaii was the real star of that show. And the beauty of both places make them seem unreal. No wonder LOST was set in Hawaii. This reality is unreal compared to the snowy cold northland and much of the rest of the USA. Only Southern California and Southern Fla. and most southern Texas around Brownsville stay in the 70s and 80s this time of year. Also Hawaii of course.

Rachel went to a special tour of the Bailey house and tract and learned more history of the island.

We went to Bailey's Grocery Store and Hardware store and got a few things we missed getting at Publix.
I had picked up a few things at the 7-11 earlier also.

Then we went for a drive throuogh the Ding Darling Bird Sanctuary. Saw the birds.

This morning(Jan.12th)after watching the sunrise at the beach and going for a walk we went down to the lighthouse and saw a pod of dolphins going by. The birds and dolphins were feeding on a buffet of fish.

Then we went to the East End Deli where the Sanibel Island Think Tank now meets every morning. I had gone there yesterday also. I met a few of the old men and sat with them out on the porch and drank coffee. Today Rachel went with me and took some pictures.

Now we are at the library again. We will do the Bird Sanctuary again and then head back to the swimming pool. Today it will be in the mid 70s or higher.
Drove all the way to Captiva and the end of that island and back. Saw many properties for sale.

I will save this now and add pictures and more later.

This morning(Friday)I spent a good deal of time talking to some men at the Sanibel Island Think Tank at the East End Deli. They have coffee and conversation there every day from 7am to 830am.
Excellent Premium coffe also. It was one guy's birthday today. He was buying coffee for everyone. 18 or 20 people. I had already paid. He handed me my dollar back.

We all sang Happy Birthday to him.

What have we been doing. We went back to Schnappers Hots for another grouper basket.
We went to Jerry's Shopping Area today to check out their restaurant.
Bought some food and took it to the beach to eat and were attacked by the seagulls and other birds wanting out food. One crafty bird flew behind Rachel and swooped in and stole part of her pannini sandwich.

The birds were swarming agressively just like in the movie THE BIRDS so we picked up our food and beat a hasty retreat.
Cool today. 50 degrees with a chilly wind. No swimming. It is not really cold it just seems that way with the wind chill factor.
Back to the library twice today. Using the computers and reading books.