Monday, December 14, 2009


These are photos made in Crawford,
Mississippi after a funeral. Big Joe came by and played for us after the
wake. These photos were taken on the back porch of Mrs. Carrie Lee
Harvey's house. That is me and my wife Rachel and Big Joe Williams. April 18, 1975.
Click on all the photos to enlarge them. Check out his amp sitting in the chair and the electrical cord that goes up to a light socket.

Here is a picture of Big Joe Williams sitting in his car from 1978 and another of the pictures on the back porch in Crawford taken on April 18, 1975.

That is me in the photo above with Big Joe Williams and the 60 pound watermelon. We were in Crawford, Miss. on our way to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to do some recordings. It was late August 1978.

Here is Big Joe Williams singing his famous song BABY PLEASE DON'T GO. Big Joe Williams was born on my grandfather Stewart's farm in Crawford, Mississippi. I first met him in 1975 in Crawford and then later in 1978 went with him and my friend George Cummings(of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show)to Muscle Shoals, Alabama where they did some recordings. Baby Please Dont Go is apparently the most recorded of all blues songs.

And here is another video of Big Joe singing Highway 49. This video was made in Crawford, Miss. outside his trailer. It was made around 1978.
This is the Wikipedia entry on Big Joe Williams. It contains good biographical information.
Big Joe Williams was a early influence on Bob Dylan. They knew each other in the early 1960s. Bob Dylan names Big Joe Williams as an influence on the back of his first or second album. Dylan also got Big Joe booked in Gerde's Folk City in 1962.

Extra Added Attraction: Here is a video of Willie Dixon doing I'M NERVOUS: