Friday, December 11, 2009

Cologne Cathedral from the Cafe Reinhardt

This is a YouTube video of the Cologne Cathedral as seen from the Cafe Reinhardt. It is somewhat long(around 7 minutes)but contains bells ringing the whole time. This cathedral is over 700 years old.
I sat in this cafe in the summer of 1964. It was late in the evening. The cathedral was brightly lit. There was almost no one else around. I had it almost all to myself. Sitting for a long time drinking coffee or drinking wine(I don't remember which). But I do remember how beautiful the cathedral was. I have never forgotten that evening and I have often thought of that cafe and how well it is located to view the cathedral.
I was really pleased to find this video which shows the Cafe Reinhardt and the view from there. There are plenty of other videos of the cathedral on YouTube but none show this cafe. There are also hundreds of good photographs on Flickr of the cathedral taken inside and out.
Check on the video over on the right on youtube of historical film of the restoration of the cathedral after it was bombed in WW2. Click and double click on the video to go to Youtube and find the other videos of the Cologne Cathedral in Munich,Germany.