Saturday, December 19, 2009

Classical Music for a Snowy Day Richter and Rostropovich

Rostropovich - Richter Beethoven. Cello Sonatas 1/13
I saw this duo in Edinburgh Scotland in late August 1964 at the Edinburgh Festival. Richter began coughing and on several occasions got up and left the stage. I think he did that at least three or more times.

I had seen Marlene Deitrich perform at the Festival a day or so before. She wowed the crowd with all her favorites. The one I liked best was "See What The Boys In The Back Room Will Have".
From "Destry Rides Again" (1939) Starring Marlene Dietrich and James Stewart. "See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have"Text by Frank LoesserMusic by Friedrich Hollaender (as Ferderick Hollaender)Sung by Marlene Dietrich

At intermission of the Richter and Rostropovich concert I went in the foyer of the hall to smoke a cigarette and there Marlene Dietrich was standing a few feet away talking to Burt Bachrach. It is one of the few times in my life I was rendered speechless. All I could do was stare at her and she stared back at me. What could a young 24 year old like me possibly say to Marlene Deitrich?