Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jerry Lee Lewis Middle Age Crazy Arrested After Trying to Break in Graceland To see Elvis

Jerry Lee actually did have long blond hair like in the picture above in 1958. I saw him in the Fall of 1958 in Hattiesburg, Miss. It was a real small place like a warehouse. It was more like a high school dance size crowd. After it was over he ran out the front door. I saw him with his long blond curls. Some girl ran at him with a pair of scissors. He yelled, " Did you see that she came at me with a pair of scissors to cut my hair man!".
He used some local band musicians. The drummer was Popeye Phillips from Mobile, Alabama. Popeye later played with the band The Flying Burritto Brothers on their first album THE GILDED PALACE OF SIN. He plays the drums on the tune LITTLE HIPPY BOY.

The video linked below has a mug shot of Jerry Lee Lewis taken in Memphis after he tried to break into Graceland to see Elvis. I guess the King wasn't home or didn't want to see him. God Bless Jerry Lee. He is still around and still rocking. He went to the Betty Ford Clinic once to dry out and they told him he would have to work at something while there. He refused and checked himself out. One of his buddies said, "Jerry Lee doesn't have to do anything but rock and roll".
Here is a link to the video of Middle Age Crazy by Jerry Lee Lewis.
Since some of us are well past middle age and are approaching old age this song no longer applies to us. Unless 70 is the new middle age.