Thursday, December 17, 2009

William Faulkner in Paris 1925 And More Info on Faulkner

The above picture was taken in 1925 of William Faulkner in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.
Here is a page of Faulkner quotes:

The following link is to 2 recorded audios of Faulkner reading his 1950 Nobel Prize acceptance speech. One is the original speech and the other is one he recorded for the album William Faulkner Reads on Caedmon Records. That album is still in print in audio book form.
This link also provides the text of the speech.

And this link is to the Mississippi Writer's Page on William Faulkner.

Short video about the Luxembourg Gardens. There are more on the right hand side of the that page:

Outstanding video about Faulkner at the University of Virginia in 1957

Finally a good video tour of William Faulkner's home Rowan Oak in Oxford, Mississippi