Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Butter Cookies Used As Money in Prison Danish Butter Cookies Are The Best Kind

I had a friend who taught school in a prison in Florida. It was a prison for first time offenders. It is located in Sneads, Florida. This was back in the 1970s. Many of the inmates were young teenagers who came down into Florida from Georgia and broke some law and ended up in prison. They stole a car or something like that.

   I went down to visit him in 1974 with the idea of getting a job there teaching. We drove out to the prison from nearby Tallahassee,Florida where he lived. He commuted every day back and forth to the prison. Most of the guards lived on farms nearby Sneads,Fa. It was good income for them working at the prison.
Here is a link about that prison. I see it is for adult males now. But they still offer teaching to the inmates.
I have found that the best butter cookies are the ones that are made in Denmark. I don't buy any other kind.
   My friend told me that butter cookies were used as money by the prisoners. Whatever they needed or wanted they could get by trading butter cookies for it.