Saturday, December 4, 2010

Does Santa Claus Ever Get A Speeding Ticket? He Almost Did This Morning In Arlington, Virginia

Sandra Bullock as a cheerleader at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington,Virginia in 1982.
I went to the annual Washington and Lee High School Christmas Bazaar this morning early to watch them set up. I have been going to this event for many years.
   As I was leaving the guy who is going to play Santa Claus came rushing in wearing his Santa Claus suit but not his beard or Santa hat. He had a coffee cup in his left hand. He said, "I almost got a speeding ticket. But they let me go." The police laughed and said , "Where is your sleigh?"

    This is the high school here in Arlington,Va. that Sandra Bullock graduated from in 1982. She was President of the German club. At the annual Christmas bazaar different clubs at the school serve ethnic foods. The German club makes and sells German pancakes. If you were there in 1982 you could have gotten some German pancakes and apple sauce from Sandra Bullock. Everyone called her "Sandy" back then.