Friday, December 10, 2010

New Theory On Why Oswald Shot JFK He Was Mad At The American Government FBI And Agent James P Hosty So He Took It Out On The Head Of The USA Government JFK

FBI Agent James Hosty
    This is somewhat far fetched but since no one else has come forward to discuss this as a possible motivation for Oswald shooting JFK I have decided to put it out there for consideration.
For many years I believed Oswald acted alone since I never saw any hard evidence to prove otherwise. And there was hard evidence to prove that he did do it.
   The question remains why? What was his motivation? If he did it why did he do it? That has never been explained.
    There are so many theories out there about the CIA,The Mafia,and many others but no hard proof that I have seen. It is true that I also believe that it could have been a Mafia conspiricy hatched by Carlos Marcello,Sam Giancana,and Santos Trafficante. Marcello had been heard to ask ,"Who will take this stone from my shoe?" And, "Cut off the head and the tail will die."  He had  strong reason to hate Bobby Kennedy and JFK.

Oswald's mother's friends included Clem Sehrt and Raoul Sere, attorneys with links to Carlos Marcello, the Mafia boss. She was also friendly with Sam Termine, who had worked for Marcello and was a close friend of Oswald's uncle Charles "Dutz" Murret. Murret was married to Marguerite's sister Lillian and had a great deal of contact with Oswald. Murret was also connected to Marcello.
   So maybe Oswald did have help and it came from Carlos Marcello,Sam Giancana,and Carlos Trafficante and some hired hitman or hitmen.

   But for the purposes of this theory I will leave them out of it and just consider Lee Harvery Oswald acted alone. And that his motivation was hatred of the US Government and JFK for their policy and actions toward Castro and Cuba and also the FBI and James P. Hosty for bothering his wife without him(Oswald)being present.
Hosty had also called the Texas Book Depository to confirm Oswald worked there. This was before the assassination. He tried to get Oswald's home address from them but they only had the Ruth Paine address in Irving, Texas. It is possible that someone in the Personnel Dept. would have mentioned this phone call to Oswald and asked for his current address. That would surely have upset Oswald even more.

James Hosty had been twice to Irving,Texas to Ruth Paine's house to interview Oswald. Neither time was he home. Still those visits had upset Oswald to the point he took a note to the Dallas FBI office and left it for Hosty. This is the note that was destroyed after the assassination by Hosty at the direction of his boss.
The link below is to Hosty's testimony before the Warren Commission. No mention of the destroyed note is to be found in this testimony.

Also even though Oswald had never met James Hosty before the assassination Oswald became very upset when he was questioned by Hosty after the assassination. That was at Dallas Police Headquarters.
  It could be that Oswald had been planning to kill some government official for some time. And that he became more agitated by Hosty's increasing interest in him and Marina. Then when Kennedy came to Dallas and the motorcade route was published in the newspaper he decided to act. Alone.
The above link proves the parade route was well publicized in the Dallas newspapers. And was not changed at the last minute.
Oswald would have read what the parade route was going to be giving him plenty of advance notice and time to arrange to bring his rifle to work on the morning of Nov. 22,1963.

Here is some more interesting information.

And more on Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Motives.
The following paragraph is taken from the link above.
"In the month before the assassination Oswald may have entered into his revolutionary fantasies whilst watching television. A Secret Service interview with Marina was first recognised by Jean Davison as a telling indication of Oswald's state of mind. Marina told agents that on Friday, October 18th. Oswald had watched two movies on television and he had been “greatly excited”. The first movie was Suddenly, in which Frank Sinatra played an ex-soldier who planned to shoot an American president. Sinatra’s character was to shoot the president with a high-powered rifle from the window of a house overlooking a railway station. The second movie, We Were Strangers, was based on the overthrow of Cuba’s Machado regime in 1933.John Garfield had played an American who had gone to Cuba to help a group of rebels assassinate the Cuba leader. Oswald’s reactions to these movies made a strong impression on his wife, according to the Secret Service report."