Friday, December 10, 2010

History Of WWVA Radio Station In Wheeling West Virginia And Something On WWVA Jamboree And The Truckers Expo
  The above link is a good history of the radio station WWVA in Wheeling West Virginia.

    In September 1974 I went with Bill Garrison over to Wheeling, West Virginia to go to the WWVA Jamboree and Truckers Expo. He was going to write something about it for Rolling Stone Magazine but they decided not to use it.

Meanwhile we had a really fun trip. We got to go to the big country show at The Capitol Music Hall in downtown Wheeling shown in the photo above.

    First we went over across the river to the large expo hall where 18 wheel trucks were on display. Detroit Diesel Allison was exhibiting its engines and giving away free 45rpm records of Dave Dudley singing a special song made just for them about Detroit Diesel Allison engines. Of course many other trucking companies were there showing off their trucks and supplies.
Here is a mention in Billboard of that 45rpm promo for Detroit Diesel Allison by Dave Dudley.

   Buck Owens flew into Wheeling for a big show at the race track. Susan Raye was his featured female singer. Buck flew in on a private jet and played the concert and flew back out on his private jet.
  I was much impressed with Susan Raye. I had never heard of her and she was really good.

Buck did a press conference before his big show. Someone asked him how the death of Don Rich affected him and his band. I dont remember his answer. I could tell though it was something Buck Owens did not want to talk about. Don had died in an motocycle accident in July 1974.

   Then we went back that night for the big country music show at the Capitol Theater. Dave Dudley was the featured performer that night. Bill interviewed Dave in his dressing room. Dave and hurt his foot somehow and was limping. He had a nice looking blond woman with him. Dave told us how he played pro baseball and then became a DJ and finally a country music performer himself.
Here is a good link on Dave Dudley.
Dave was a nice friendly man who really seemed to be enjoying himself. He arrived as I recall with the good looking blond in a big white Cadillac.