Friday, May 14, 2010

Brother Shamus A Really Good Band From Arlington,Virginia

Now Brother Shamus has an interesting name. It took me some time to figure it out. Well I knew that a shamus is a private detective. But why brother? Well after watching The Big Lebowski several times it finally hit me. First off The Big Lebowski is a take off on the old Bogart movie The Big Sleep in which Bogart is called a shamus.
In the Big Lebowski at some point someone is following The Dude and he gets out to ask the person who he is.
Here is the actual quote:
Da Fino, Private Snoop: I'm a brother shamus!
The Dude: Brother Seamus? Like an Irish monk?
Da Fino, Private Snoop: What the fuck are you talking about?

Brother Shamus the band plays in and around Washington, D.C.