Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gus Stevens Restaurant in Biloxi,Mississippi And The Death of Jayne Mansfield

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Here is a fine website about Jayne Mansfield. Included in this are some good information on her final performance at Gus Stevens in Biloxi. Also links to some of the crash scene photos.
I read somewhere once that she was filling in for someone else who could not make it that weekend.
Many years later I saw the car she died in on exhibit in a carnival. Along with the car itself was a copy of the police report. These death cars used to be a popular attraction at fairs and carnivals,etc.
In Mobile at the Alabama State Fair I saw a limo that was billed as belonging to Hitler and Eva Braun. It always helped if there were bullet holes in the car like the Bonnie and Clyde car that was put on exhibit after they were gunned down in an ambush.
Many of us have fond memories of Gus Stevens Restaurant in Biloxi,Miss. Without a doubt the finest supper club on the Mississippi Gulf Coast when it was open.
I saw Brother Dave Gardner there. In fact he got his start there as a drummer and then a singer before he became a full time comedian.
We talked with him once out in the parking lot. He was a really friendly and funny guy.
Mose Allison got his start in some jazz clubs in Biloxi.
Dr. Hook and the Medicine show in an earlier formation was the house band there under the name The Chocolate Papers.
Here is a link to some information on The Chocolate Papers and George Cummings.
Lavern Baker performed at Gus Stevens around that time in the late 1960s. The Chocolate Papers was the house band at Gus Stevens in Biloxi at that time.
Here is a link to Dr. In the picture at the top of the page you will see the Chocolate Papers. All the other pictures at the top of the page are of Dr. Hook.
Here is the link about Jayne Mansfield. Some of the crash photos are quite graphic. Be warned.