Friday, May 21, 2010

Kolb's Restaurant In New Orleans R.I.P.

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Here is another great restaurant now closed.
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Also in the pictures above is The Pearl Restaurant. The Pearl had great oysters and shrimp and a great menu. It stayed open late at night and was a good place to go for some oysters late in the evening. They also had a large plate glass front window in which they put large hams and other delicious looking food. If you were hungry you wanted to go in after seeing the food in the window. If it was cold outside the window would steam up making the food look even better. It is still open but I read some reviews on line that make it sound not good now.
Thanksgiving of 1965 my wife and I went to Kolb's Restaurant for our Thanksgiving meal around noon. The place was full. It was a really fine meal. As we were eating I looked up toward the front of the restaurant and saw Bill Haley and The Comets come in the door. There were four or five of them. I could see someone telling them they would have to wait as all the tables were full. They didn't seem to mind too much. I can't remember how long they had to wait or if they just left.