Thursday, May 13, 2010

RAID TV Series From Finland Plus the RAID Movie

The above is a trailer someone made of the RAID TV series from Finland. Click on it to go to YouTube to see many more videos of RAID the tv series and movie. Unfortunatley the are all in Finnish with no translation.
Still you can enjoy the beautiful theme music from RAID even without translation as seen and heard in the top video. That is the closing credits of one episode.
This is frustrating. There are plenty of RAID clips on YouTube but they are all in Finnish with no English translation. DVDs of both the TV Series and the movie with English subtitles are available for sale on Ebay sometimes and through but you must have a new compatible DVD player in order to play them. Be sure to check your player for region. A new computer will play them fine also. I have a new Phillips DVD player that plays them fine.
This series is so good it is worth the trouble to find it and buy it. And the movie also.
They both played in the Washington DC area on MHZ Networks. But nowhere else in the USA. Then the Finnish embassy had the director and the star come for a showing of the movie at the Silver Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland some years ago. A large crowd turned out to meet the director and star. RAID has been the most popular of all the International Mysteries the MHZ Networks has aired. Though the others are first rate also.
Click on the link below to read about RAID.
Below is a link to the International Movie Database entry on RAID the movie from 2003

Above is a link to the trailer of the movie RAID from 2003. It is a sequel to the 12 part tv series in Finland of the same name. You can buy both of these with English subtitles if you look on Ebay(sometimes)or
Below this is the link to the IMDB entry on the 12 part Finnish TV Series RAID. Take note of the 8.9 out of 10 viewer rating for excellence.