Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mississippi Bootlegger And The Mississippi Mud 1927

The bootlegger is now gone. But once upon a time going to the bootlegger in Mississippi was a time honored tradition. You drove somewhat out in the country to a shack back in the woods. You would drive up and tell the man(usually and old white man) what you wanted such as a fifth of whiskey.You would name the brand. Then you would pay him. He would tell you drive around back. You drove around to the back of the shack and a door would open and an old black man(usually)would step out and hand you a fifth of your choice of bonded liquor. This was not moonshine. That was a whole different operation out in the country. It came in large gallon jugs and was clear in color.
Read the link below to see how the churches(mostly Baptists)in Mississippi along with the bootleggers kept Mississippi "dry" for years.
As for the origin of the word bootlegger I would say it must have come from a man keeping a bottle of booze in his boot.
Seems that is true. Here is a good link to the defintions.
The Rules of Booze: