Monday, November 29, 2010

Do You Know What It Means To Be Dead In New Orleans? Or Why I Don't Think I Will Ever Go Back To New Orleans The Big Easy Is Hazardous To Your Health
New Orleans is now a crime ridden city. Dangerous to your health. The only way to protect yourself is to leave the Big Easy and don't go there anymore. Too many juveniles and others with guns and knives.
Most of the crime is late at night. But not all. The French Quarter used to be safe but not any more.
Roving bands of thugs are preying on tourists and locals alike. See the link below.

And the links below are about Wendy Byrnes murder. She was a bartender at Aunt Tiki's Jewels Bar that I wrote about in the post below this one.
More on Wendy Byrnes and her murder in the link below. Poor Wendy. She didn't get out of New Orleans in time. New Orleans has always been a violent city and a city full of crime. It is like Paris. A museum like city center for the rich and tourists and surrounded by extremely poor people in poor neighborhoods. As someone said if people don't have an income they are going to come for yours. Be warned New Orleans is not safe anymore. It is dangerous especially at night and even more so late at night.