Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hapuna Beach State Park On The Big Island Of Hawaii December 1970

My 450 pound friend Jerry has been telling me of his adventures at Hapuna Beach in 1970. He was working in Alaska and decided in Dec. 1970 that he wanted no part of winter in Alaska and would go to Hawaii. So he took a flight from Anchorage to Seattle and then a flight to Honolulu and then on to Hilo on the big island of Hawaii.

    He was one of only 5 passengers that flew on to Hilo. The plane had 7 stewardesses and 5 passengers on the flight to Hilo. So there was time for one of them to tell him he should rent a car when he got to Hilo and drive to Hapuna Beach. She told him how to get there.

Meanwhile the pilot flew the plane around several of the other islands of Hawaii and circled them to show the passengers the aerial view.
    He got to Hilo and rented a car and found his way to Hapuna Beach State Park. This was in Dec. 1970 and a group of hippies and paradise seekers were living on the beach.
  He slept on the beach for 3 weeks and the others did also. They ate bananas and passion fruit and he spent no money for three weeks.

   Some guy saw him writing a letter to one of his brothers back in Virginia..The guy said "What are you doing?" Jerry said, "I am writing my brother".The guy said, "I don't want you telling anybody about this place. They have to find it on their own".
  Read about Hapuna Beach in the link below.

   There was a college teacher there that called himself only H. He would not tell anyone his real name. He said, "Call me H".
   Another guy studied H for several days and asked him "Are you for real?" "About half and half", H replied.

Jerry stayed at Hapuna Beach for 3 weeks sleeping on the beach. When he left he flew back to LA. He only had money enough for the ticket back to LA. He searched the phones in the airport for spare change left in the coin returns.

He started hitchhiking back to Virginia. He got several good rides. He had only 15 dollars when he left LA.
He was picked up by a van full of hippies. They were living and partying in the back of the van. They had Jerry sit up front in the passenger seat. One of the females brought him some food. And Jerry said "She didn't a stitch of clothes on".

   After several long rides he made his way back to Virginia.
Since Jerry was at Hapuna Beach in 1970 a hotel has been built on the beach far down at one end. It is The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. And it is not free.

The link below has more on this hotel including many customers reviews that are interesting.