Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mitsitam Cafe In The National Museum Of The American Indian Washington, D.C.

We went to this place in the middle of the day on Thanksgiving. It was packed with people. Almost no place to sit down. I have never seen it so full since the museum first opened. It has always been popular.

   After we sat down I wondered how many of the customers were thinking of Thanksgiving and the Indians of the Americas when they came in. The cafe does serve turkey every day except Christmas Day.  All Smithsonian Museums are open every day of the year except Christmas day.
This is their fall 2010 menu.
     Above is a video that shows most of the different types of food available in the Mitsitam Cafe. Mitsitam means "Let's Eat". I don't know why she has  a number 35 on her back.

    What makes this cafe so special is that they offer Indian food of the Americas that cannot be found anywhere else in Washington D.C. and maybe the entire country at least under one roof. It is certainly the most unique place to eat in Washington, D.C.
  Here is their Thanksgiving takehome menu.

   We had some clam corn chowder and corn bread that was fantastic. Others had the fry bread buffalo chili.
The cafe was crowded not just because it was Thanksgiving but also because all the food is so good.

Seated across from me were two young Japanese women. They were taking pictures of themselves and the Buffalo Burgers they had sitting in front of them.

The picture above is of The National Museum Of The American Indian located on The Mall in Washington, D.C. The picture was taken from the outside garden of the United States Botanic Garden which is located nearby.