Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My 450 Pound Friend Jerry Loves Eating,Talking, Edgar Cayce and Sai Baba

Above is a picture of Sai Baba with his elephant Sai Gita. Sai Baba is still alive but Sai Gita has passed on.

My 450 pound friend Jerry loves 4 things: Eating,Talking, Edgar Cayce and Sai Baba.
Jerry can talk non stop for hours about Edgar Cayce and then without stopping talk for hours non stop about Sai Baba.
    Jerry has spent a lot of time at the Edgar Cayce Institute at Virginia Beach, Va.
And he  has been to India three times to go to Sai Baba's ashram and live and study there. He even got to touch the hem of the Master's garment by "accidently" falling over as he bowed in front of the "holy" man.
See the video below for an expose of the tricks of Sai Baba and how he does them.  Sai Baba appears to me to be a very sucessful fakir.

  When Jerry drove a cab he would talk to his customers about Edgar Cayce and Sai Baba. He had pictures on his dashboard of Sai Baba and Edgar Cayce. If some customer made the mistake of asking "What are those?" Jerry would let loose his storehouse of knowledge.

By the time they reached their destination the customer was in a hurry to get out of the cab. Jerry had prepared slips of paper with where to get more information about Sai Baba and Edgar Cayce and he would hand these slips of paper to the hastily departing cab fares. He would tell them. "When you get a chance look into this. Here is some information on where to look".

Edgar Cayce 1910

Click to enlarge and read above. It is in Selma Alabama.

And now something on Sai Baba.
 Double click on the above video to go to Youtube and see many more videos about Sai Baba.
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