Saturday, November 20, 2010

World's First Rock And Roll Song? But What Was The Worlds First "Rock" Song?

I think the song above is the first rock and roll song. I believe that is what Rolling Stone Magazine decided also. Why should not the King Of Rock and Roll be the one with the first Rock and Roll song?
Ray Charles I Got A Woman from 1954 would make another good candidate for the first rock and roll song as well as anything early by Chuck Berry. I used to say that rock and roll was nothing but white boys trying to play rhythm and blues.
This wikipedia page on Rock And Roll covers the question of who was first very well.
In the 1960s Bob Dylan used to say when people talked about rock music, "What happened to the roll?"
I  am not sure what the first "rock" song was but it would be interesting to know. Two possibilities for the first "rock" song are by The Who or The Kinks.

Then came hard rock and then hard rock cafes.

  Here is a link to American Routes radio show by Nick Spitzer. The best roots music show there is.
This week is all about Sam Cooke. The man who invented "Soul".