Sunday, November 28, 2010

WUSA 1970 The Movie Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Based On The Novel HALL OF Mirrors By Robert Stone Includes Beautiful Scenes Inside and Outside of The Long Lost Jewel's Tavern In The French Quarter Of New Orleans.

WUSA The Movie From 1970 Starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Based on the novel HALL OF MIRRORS by Robert Stone who also wrote the screenplay for this movie.

This movie is hard to find. Robert Stone who wrote the book Hall Of Mirrors that WUSA is based on and wrote(or co wrote) the screenplay for this movie has stated he thinks it is a really terrible movie and he is embarrassed by it. And I guess it really is a bad movie of a great book. But the movie has a few things going for it. I found the whole movie on YouTube. The person has not allowed embedding so you have to click on this link. Below is part one of 9 parts on Youtube. But you can watch all nine parts to see the whole movie. Just look to the right hand column on the page for parts 2 through 9.  In part #2 at time 2:18 and 3:21 you can see the outside of Jewel's Tavern which was located on Decatur St. near Governor Nicholls in the French Quarter. In fact the scene inside appears to be the real inside of Jewel's Tavern. Jewel's Tavern was a famous seaman's bar in the French Quarter. It is now long gone. These are the only known pictures of Jewel's Tavern I have ever seen. But you have to watch the movie(part #2)to see Jewel's Tavern. No still pictures are available.

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