Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bayou Bakery In Arlington Virginia Opened Last Saturday New Orleans Comes To Arlington, Virginia If You Can't Go To New Orleans Go To The Bayou Bakery in Arlington, Va.

This place opened on this past Sat. It is the real deal. Real New Orleans chef and real New Orleans food and most of all real New Orleans beignets.
   As a former New Orleanian and habitual customer of Cafe du Monde and The Morning Call starting in the late 1950s I know a beignet that is real and taste real when I see and eat one.

   Having lived in New Orleans I am very critical of would be New Orleans styled restaurants outside of New Orleans. But this is one that makes it. It was packed on Sat. with happy people. It is located next to the Arlington County Courthouse on N. Courthouse Road. It is going to do great business in that busy neighborhood. Check out their menu and photos in the link below. I tried the beignets and I am here to tell you they taste as good as the ones at The Cafe Du Monde and The Morning Call.  So far the restaurant and the chef are getting rave reviews.

    New Orleans music plays softly in the background. The smell of the coffee and the pastries hits you as you enter the door. I can smell beignets cooking and I see nothing but smiling happy customers.
   It is a rare thing indeed to find a real New Orleans restaurant outside of New Orleans and this is one.
This place has a real New Orleans "feel" and that is hard to describe but you know it when you feel it. And this place has it.
Now I don't have to drive 1200 miles to get a real beignet. Thanks Bayou Bakery.

The link below has some more pictures and comments from some who were there on Sat. Also some directions on how to find the place and why it is so hard to find right now.