Thursday, October 14, 2010

Famous Writers And Where They Lived In Paris

Click on these picture postcards to enlarge.  The address above is where Oscar Wilde died. The Hotel des Beaux-Arts.
Allen Ginsberg,Jack Kerouac,William Burroughs,and Gregory Corso lived at this address which they called The Beat Hotel.

Henry Miller wrote a nice book called Quiet Days In Clichy.

There is a Hemingway bookstore next to this address today.
     I bought these postcards in small shop in the Rue Vavin some years ago. I can't seem to find them in Paris anymore. I had two others that I can remember. One for Andre Gide and one for Jean Paul Sartre. But I sent them to a friend.

Below is a good link to more writers and where they lived in Paris.

And here are a few more of my pictures. The one below is where he lived in the early 1920s with his first wife.
This plaque is on the side of the Hotel Parc Luxembourg. This is where William Faulkner lived in the Fall of 1925. I read in some book that this building was once a  stable for the King's horses. Now it is a fancy hotel.
Click on the picture above. You can just barely see the William Faulkner plaque to the right of the flower box. This is on the Rue Servandoni side of the hotel Parc Luxembourg.

Another link to Day One.

The above pictures are of the entrance to the Hotel La Louisiane in the Rue de Seine in Paris. 60 rue de Seine is the address.
Click to enlarge the picture. Read the link to the hotel's website below and learn about the famous writers and musicians who stayed there. Among the writers were John Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir in 1943 and Patricia Highsmith in 1962.