Friday, October 1, 2010

Product Placement Invades The Story Line Days Of Our Lives Do You Want Some Wangchai Ferry?

I have seen product placement on many tv shows and movies where a bottle of something is left on a table. Or some product is left in plain view. But Days Of Our Lives has taken it a step further and actually worked the product into the script.

 I have seen the commercials for Wangchai Ferry but I did not expect to see one in the middle of a scene on a soap opera.
Other people noticed it too. But this is the first time I have ever seen a commericial in the middle of a scene. Scroll down on the page below to see images from the scene and the show where the woman is holding the Wangchai Ferry package. She extolls the product and then holds it directly in the camera view. Then she extolls it some more.
She runs an Irish Pub and is serving frozen Chinese food to her grandchildren. It was all so blatant it was impossible to miss.

And here is the Midol product placement on Days Of Our Lives. They must really be hurting for money.

And here is another one for Cheerios from June 2009.