Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hofbrauhaus House Munich Germany

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   I went to this place in the summer of 1964. I had read about it in a book about Thomas Wolfe. He went there in the 1930s and was beaten up outside the place. He wrote a piece called I Have Something To Tell You about the rise of trouble coming in Germany.
     Inside I sat at a long wooden table with all Germans. Many of the customers were dressed in lederhosen. I had one of their large steins of beer and enjoyed the beer and the loud oompah music played by the band.
   An old man sitting across from me did not speak English. I did not speak German. He took two lit cigars and stuck them in his nostrils and smoked them like that.
   I did not have any trouble but I was there early in the day or afternoon. Not late at night.
    I see now from reading on the web that it is a big tourists attraction with lines out side waiting to get in.
  Click on the above to read about the Hofbrauhaus. And click on this link below to read their website in English.