Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Critters Traveling Petting Zoo At Reed School Arlington Virginia October 26, 2010

Click to enlarge the above photographs. This is for people who don't know that already.

Yesterday on the way home from the liquor store I saw 2 llamas in the school yard across the street from our house. It turns out these llamas are correctly called  south american alpacas.

   I came on home and Rachel and I went across the street to the new school where a large group of small children and teachers were gathered for The Little Critters Traveling Petting Zoo.

    The small children were having so much fun and  squealing and laughing. The animals were all domestic animals and were friendly and in very good health. You can hire one of these traveling petting zoos for your own party for $175.00 an hour. $75.00 for the next hour. Read all about them in the link below.

    What I felt watching the animals and the children was that kids(and grown ups) that live in cities and in the suburbs are suffering from not only nature deficiency but animal deficiency as well. They may have dogs and cats or small birds or some other pets but they dont have chickens, goats,donkeys,south american alpacas,rabbits, ducks, etc.
And zoos have more exotic animals than domestic animals.

This was a lot of fun watching the animals and the small children. The children were given small bags of some pellet type food to feed the animals.
Here is some information on alpacas.