Friday, October 1, 2010

Noise Complaints At Westover Grocery Because of Loud Music From The New Beer Garden

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Someone complained about the music at the beer garden at Westover Grocery and the noise police came and shut the music down. No more music. Period. They have to apply for a special license which will cost plenty and may take a year.
 Following that inspectors found there are no handicapped accessible toilets in Westover Grocery. I often wondered if they had any toilets. They serve food and beer so they must have restrooms. Someone told me one of the local tv stations came and did a story on this. Apparently they do have restrooms down some stairs. This is a violation since it is not handicapped accessible. They will have to put in expensive restrooms.
Will they be fined? Will they get a one year exemption since they have agreed to put in the handicapped bathrooms? I don't know.

Right now the beer garden remains open with no music. They do have a flat screen tv they put outside to watch football games,etc. And then they take the tv inside and lock it up at night. Good idea.
  They still serve food and beer. No music allowed. The neighbors who live close by have won for the time being. I live two long blocks away on the other side of the street and I used to hear the musicians banging away late on Friday and Sat. nights. But not anymore.

   I guess I would have complained also if I lived next to the place. It was loud and much of the music also was not very good. However Brother Shamus was really good and I miss them.

 The video below is Brother Shamus(or at least two of the band)at the Westover Grocery back when music was allowed.