Saturday, October 9, 2010

Erich Fromm,The Institute For Policy Studies,Walter Hopps, And John Gossage Washington D.C. Photographer Back In The Late 1960s

Photograph by Joe Cameron. 1969.

 That is the way John Gossage looked back in the late 1960s when I knew him slightly. He used to ride around Washington D.C. on an old BMW motorcycle. He had a show of his photographs at the Corcoran thanks to Walter Hopps.   One time I was crossing Mass. Ave at Dupont Circle and John was stopped at a red light on his BMW motorcycle and he yelled out to me: "Erich Fromm is going to be at The Institure For Policy Studies at 1pm".

   I went over to see Erich Fromm. I was a big fan of his books.Especially his first one from 1941 called ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM.  I also really liked THE ART OF LOVING from 1956. He had a new one coming about. This was in 1969 at the height of the anti war movement. The room was filled with political activists and most of them were very young. You could call them "radicals".

  Erich Fromm started to speak. His book was about love and understanding. The young activists started shouting him down. They wanted nothing to do with love or understanding. They wanted "action".
The link below is to the website of The Institute For Policy Studies.

  Walter Hopps was a member of the Institute For Policy Studies and a friend of Marcus Raskin and the rest of the people at that "think tank". But I must say I never heard Walter speak one word about politics.  Walter let the art works speak for themselves.
I don't remember Walter being "political" at all. He was all about art.

When Walter was Director of The Corcoran Gallery Of Art  he did tell me the Nixon adminstration was taping all the phone calls of the people of The Institute For Policty Studies.